Diss or Download: Little Broken Robots & Pocket Mortys

Real Talk By: KJ

These particular games are “free”, but are they worth your time.  The Diss or Download returns.

Little Broken Robots is a free to play puzzle game with style.  The clean presentation is very appealing, reminiscent of a Nintendo GBA/DS title.   Your job is to fix various bots.  Sliding parts around the board which get more difficult as you progress.  Depending on the piece, a player might move 5 times, while another piece could give you 7 or 8 spaces of movement.  Maneuvering all parts and completely covering the board is how players progress.

After solving puzzles your batteries will need to recharge.  Going through this process will need players to watch a quick ad, or spend a few bucks to get rid of them for good.  Still the way they are included never really gets annoying.  This is perfect for a quick or long session of play.  An easy recommendation for all ages.


This is very early in the game.  Business really picks up later.

Pocket Mortys is an RPG that definitely captures the art style of this Adult Swim series.  Some of the scrolling text is way too funny.  The overall gameplay will immediately remind players of Pokémon handheld adventures.  The look is here.  Music is chip tuned, and it meshes well.

The bulk of characters in battle (good or evil) are just different versions of Morty.  Some may not have an issue with that.  However, there is 80 variants of him in the game.  The Rick and Morty RPG is still pretty engaging nonetheless.  Fun worlds to explore (while it lasts), and ads are non-existent.



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