The Coin-Op Question: What is The Most Bizarre Game You’ve Ever Played?

Real Talk By: KJ

Just when you think you’ve played them all, a surprise comes out of nowhere.  This may be a good thing or bad.  Regardless, this particular game left an impression on you. This past weekend we held our 4th annual Play Legit Holiday Meet.

After the blind gift wrapping we proceeded to play various arcade games.  After playing Time Crisis 4, Police 911, Tekken 5, and others, we leaned toward the rarities.  One definitely stood out.

Derby Owners Club is a four-player game.  Horse Race against friends and the computer at the same time.  Before you can make it that far, each person has to pick two-horses of their choosing, making them breed.  You then train and race with the offspring.  That entire process was a true snooze fest but unforgettable to say the least.  Racing mainly is all about watching the horses stamina, trying not to over-exert the animal while making it in first place.  The real entertainment came from Cmack and Jason yelling at the screen.

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Weekly Question: What is the most bizarre game you’ve ever played?

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5 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: What is The Most Bizarre Game You’ve Ever Played?

  1. I’ve played a LOT of strange games over the years. Cho Aniki, Zombie Nation, Galaxibirds, Mad Nurse, this arcade machine where you flip a table for a high score, the list goes on.
    If I had to actually title one as the most bizarre, I guess I would say Muscle March for the Nintendo Wii. It’s a downloadable title by Namco. I could try to describe it, but you really need to see it in action to understand just how absurd it is.

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      1. I didn’t know at first that it was a “Part 2” and later that there was a “Part 1”. I just knew it was a weird dancing game and I got it cheap on XBOX Live just out of curiosity.

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