The Coin-Op Question: Is The Oculus Priced Fairly?

KJ: It was announced today that the Oculus Rift will debut at $599, and hit the streets in March of 2016.  Hopefully developers will figure out a way to make this well-worth the pricing.  It would be a shame to think twice about making a massive purchase, especially when it’s already sitting in your home.

T-42: This is a such a specific tool.  It’s like buying a keyboard or a new joystick.  It isn’t for everyday use.

Dev kits were only $300 bucks, then the finished product is twice as much.  Keep the controller, that’s 50-60 bucks right there.  Then, take away the games and the price tag drops.  So I guess 600 dollars would make sense for what you’re getting with it.  I guess.  Personally as bad as the dev kit 1 was, I still had lots of fun with it.  I could build a low-end rig with that money.  Or,  just super upgrade what I have.  Better yet, pay half my rent!

This is for a screen that I strap to my face! I already have three 27″ monitors I can play in surround with and I could just pick up a head tracker for a lot cheaper.  Just saying.  Weekly Question: Is the Oculus Rift Priced Fairly?

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3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Is The Oculus Priced Fairly?

  1. Looks like VR will be a flop. The average person doesn’t want to pay for a peripheral that is more pricey than a console. If not enough people buy it developers won’t have an incentive to make games for it.

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