The Coin-Op Question: Do You Emote?

Real Talk By: KJ

We receive these glowing images in texts, inside various chat rooms across social media, and of course in our video games.  It appears as if the gaming industry is really starting to take a bigger note of it.  I guess the only time i could recall using it, is in fighting games taunting my opponent.  The way it has been marketed now is that it’s a big deal.  Many companies titles charge for these playfull gestures.  Gamers must be getting behind it, as this continues to show up in more and more titles.  Have you payed for extra emotes in the past, or is this something that doesn’t matter to you at all.  Weekly Question: Do You Emote?

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One thought on “The Coin-Op Question: Do You Emote?

  1. I have used emotes in MMOs, but wouldn’t pay for the privilege. Companies are really scraping the barrel on what they can charge players extra for.

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