Play Legit’s Best of 2015 Voting: Wave 1

It’s that time again.  We’re handing out the awards, but we need your help.  Who will sip from the Gamers Goblet this year? Voting begins now.

Best Family Game


Funniest Game


Best Zombie/Horror


Best Sports Game


Best Shooter


Best RPG


Best Fighting Game


Wildcard Pick (Overlooked or Underrated)

Mad Max; Chumbucket; Griffa

The Voting Continues Here>


3 thoughts on “Play Legit’s Best of 2015 Voting: Wave 1

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles has my vote for best RPG. I’ve been hooked on that game since day one.

    Best family game, to me, is Yoshi’s Woolly World by a landslide.

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