The Coin-Op Question: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Yes or No?

Real Talk By: KJ

In this Old School Sunday edition of the Coin-Op Question, we’re wondering what your thoughts are concerning this video above.   As the trailer has revealed, Final Fantasy VII the remake is definitely looking good.  This build reminded us of the other biggie in FFXV.  Reason being, the action is in real-time.  We have also learned that it will be distributed in an episodic format as well.  Perhaps there will be an option to play the original turn-based title with the newer graphics.   Or maybe not.  Weekly Question: Are you happy with the direction square is taking concerning this classic game?

You can also check out Ms. Throwback’s review of the original right here.

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7 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Yes or No?

  1. Regardless of how good or bad the final product will be, the game now has one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel. At least in the eyes of many a fan. Many fans were looking for an exact duplicate of 1997’s Final Fantasy 7. But with modern day, Advent Children graphics rendered in real time. Anything that isn’t that is likely going to feel like a betrayal to these particular fans. Square’s game may actually be great, and the episodic model may work well for it. But to a large swath of the people they’re making it for, it isn’t going to matter. The game isn’t out, so no one can give an honest opinion yet. But for many people it may be dead before it’s even pressed onto plastic discs.

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  2. The more I hear about the game the less excited I get. I much prefer turn based combat over action RPGs. Although I am a fan of Telltale Games I don’t like breaking stuff up into episodes. Normally I wait for the whole thing to come out.

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  3. The trailer looks good. As with any remake you will always have traditionalists who refuse anything but the original. That goes double when your talking about one of the most renowned games ever. It gives me kind of a Kingdom Hearts style gameplay kind of feel. I think it has a lot of potential. As for episodes, I never really liked the idea. If I want to play the game I don’t want to wait around on the next episode to continue. It always kind of seemed like a money pit scam to me.

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  4. In has been a pretty frustrating year in gaming innovation (as far as I’m concerned), when the biggest news of the last 12 months is a remake of yet ANOTHER video game garners nothing more than a, …”meh”…from me. I’m still waiting for the PS4, the EcksBoxWON, and these so-called revolutionary AAA developers to justify the power of their software (as well as my own paid dollars toward their machines) and put that towards gaming innovation instead of constantly going back to the well and dipping in their own past. Mad and upset? No, I’ve known that SquareEnix was laying on this easy go-to buzz generator since that demo remake of the VII opening back on the PS3, and I didn’t care then either. Now that it’s episodic, and after watching videos from fans trying to justify that DLC chapter you have to pay for is a good idea, further solidifies my decision to not even bother.

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