The Top 5 Fighting Game Bonus Modes

Real Talk By: KJ

Fighting games have brought us joy for many years.  The fast paced action, larger-than life characters, so many reasons to dig the genre.  Adding to the fun, some development teams would include mini-games.  They either enhanced the experience, or were simply there as a bonus for your progression.  We have our favorite challenges listed below see where they all land.

Honorable Mention: Stone Smash (Fatal Fury 2)


The Stone pillar locations would continue to change with each one smashed.

5. Test Your Might (Mortal Kombat Series)

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This is a famous in-between-er game where players would smash the buttons hard as possible.   In Mortal Kombat X players had to smash all sorts of objects, with the difficulty ramping along the way.  Wood, Diamonds, and much more.   In a two player mode.  If one person failed, the other succeeds, you both advance.  This is a bonus challenge that has been withing the series for quite some time, a mini-game classic.

4. Tekken Bowl (Tekken Tag Tournament)


Just when you thought the fun would end in the Tekken Tag Tournament, the PS2 version had more for you to do.  Bowling of all things.  Can you believe it? The fact that you can play as anyone really makes things fun.  Seeing a Panda Bear hitting a strike is just absurd.  We love it.

3. Smash The Targets (Super Smash Bros. Series)


Playing on Classic Mode in a Smash Bros game would take you through levels with enemies increasing in difficulty.  A break in the action would come up.   Players were timed, as they had to smash every single red and white target in the allowed time.   Depending on the character selected, things could get easier or even more difficult.  A fun diversion, that only added to the greatness of this series.

2. Tekken Force Mode (Tekken 3)


Namco is always taking risks with tekken.  Designed to be simply extras, we have found many of these to be a lot better than they have any right to be.  This takes one player back to the old school days.  It essentially turns this 3d fighter, into a side scrolling beat ’em up.  Fight low level thugs, end with a boss fight across four original areas.  Your health would be replenising by grabbing a huge piece of “Chicken!”.

1. Vehicle Smash Bonus Stage (Street Fighter Series)

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We have seen live action versions, and other imitations.  This could possibly be the most influential or memorable on our list.  Smash the car in the quickest amount of time.  Watch the screen as the damage you have put in takes its toll.  My favorite one had to of been in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.  Most likely to due to the size of the SUV making things feel more grand, and of course the funky background music added to the expierence.

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