The Coin-Op Question: Which Games Deserve A Redo?

Real Talk By: KJ

The potential was there. It looked good on paper.  Ultimately the game came up short.  It could have been because of Plot, or even broken mechanics.  Even through it all you could still see the potential.  A shred of hope.  Had the title of your choosing received more development love, it may have ranked better in the eyes of the consumer.  Let’s rescue some titles.  Weekly Question: Which Game(s) deserve a redo?

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6 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Which Games Deserve A Redo?

  1. Watch Dogs definitely comes to mind. The open world stuff was a blast, the level up progression was rad, the driving was fine, and the overall premise/promise was great on paper. But the characters and plot were some of the worst I’ve ever played. Make Aiden likeable/relateable and pay an actual writer to pen the narrative and I’d be more than happy to dive in.

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      1. I liked the driving. Or, rather, I was pretty good at it (all things considered). I’m shit at driving in those types of games, but had no problems in WD lol. Plus I could listen to Wu-Tang Clan, which probably helped.

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  2. Maybe PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I liked the game. I think they really dropped the ball in regards to third-party characters on the roster. They felt more like advertisements for upcoming games than big classic PS characters. If they can’t get the license for the important ones, I’d have preferred them digging deeper into Sony-owned characters. Perhaps a more traditional knockout/health system too. The super system seemed to turn a lot of people off.

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