Backwards Nominee: Rockstar Table Tennis

Real Talk By: KJ

One of the Xbox 360 forgotten games, but it’s actually one of my favorite sport games of all time.  Rockstar made this one.  There’s no blood, gore, or profanity.  This is just 1 on 1 ping-pong.  The character models were incredibly detailed for the time.  Some participants were over the top, while others remained more composed.  Each told a story.  The emotions after a long rally of back and forth play, made for added realism.  The lights dimmed, Music intensified.  This is one challenging and intense title.  Playing this on expert is asking for controller tossing moments.  Such an odd game release, but one that is a guaranteed great time with friends.  This game generally retails below $3.  You really can’t go wrong at this price point.

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