NDirect: November 2015 Top Reveals

Real Talk By: KJ

Some good news came out of the latest Nintendo Direct.  Here’s my favorite announcements

  • Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife is a playable character in Super Smash bros.  Who else should join the battle?  King K. Rool maybe?
  • The Newest Legend of Zelda will arrive in 2016.  Lock it in.
  • March 4th will see the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in HD.  Comes with a Wolf Link Amiibo.  I’ll admit, from the gameplay video the visuals didn’t really impress me.  The Wind Waker HD was a blatantly obvious graphical leap while TP, not so much.  Looking forward to experiencing the core gameplay/story again regardless.
  • Star Fox Zero drops down April 22nd 2016.  Multiplayer please.
  • FAST Racing Neo is coming in early December to the eShop.  8-Player online racing.  This is the closet thing to F-Zero were apparently going to get on Wii U.  Snin’en is definitely one of the third-party developers getting the most out of the Wii U.
  • Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will have online versus, and drops on November 20th, 2015.  This was great to hear confirmed that network play is a go.  For to often exclusives from this company miss out on the feature.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles releases December 4th.   Special download options will be available to cut down on load times.  This is nice for those with the storage space.

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