The Coin-Op Question: Do You Support Split Screen Gaming?

Real Talk By: KJ

We started seeing it last gen, but now it’s more prevalent.  I’m talking about the removal of split screen from games. It can often hinder the full potential of a title.  Dynasty Warriors coop features in-large (for example) remain held back.  Reduced draw distances, slow down, weakened visuals.  Some companies have figured out how to use it properly.  Activision’s Call of Duty series continues to get it right.   Borderlands’ Handsome Collection even allows 4 players to go through the entire campaign.   Another franchise that was big for its S-Screen gameplay was Halo.  The feature did not make the jump in Halo 5: Guardians.  To some this way of playing is more of a novelty.  We want to know where you stand.  Weekly Question: Do You Support Split Screen Gaming?

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3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Do You Support Split Screen Gaming?

  1. The short answer is hell yeah I support split screen.

    I don’t own two Xbox’s or Wii U’s so having games with splitscreen or some sort of local co op, Diablo III, great because I love gaming with my wife on just about everything.

    The Wii U excels in local co op games while the Xbox One has a few good ones, but it’s been a long time since I purchased a game on my Xbox.

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  2. Sometimes its nice when you have company over and are able to play a game on the same screen whether it be competitively or cooperatively. While this is possible through online modes its not the same fun experience as having someone right their with you.

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