Journey To The Level-One Arcade

Real Talk By: KJ

Images Taken By: Knowledge

There’s a familiar vibe when you walk into this establishment.  The layout, lighting and sounds brought us back to our childhood.  You’ll have elbow room to play and relax, as this is certainly the biggest barcade in town.  Enough space in-fact, that there is an entire wall with nothing but pinball machines.  This is no coincidence, as Owner Paul Burkhart is a massive fan of the genre.

High-Def TV Screens are everywhere.  When there’s a key sporting event on, you’re not going to miss a thing.  A massive projection screen descends from the ceiling for optimum viewing.  On the slight chance someone in your crew doesn’t want to game, there is plenty of stuff to watch, and drinks to consume.

Level-One features their own 80’s themed mixes inspired by Games and Movies from that time.  We tried the popular “Tapper” this was a sweet, yet spicy offering.  Ginger Beer, Gin, and other ingredients made for a unique blend of flavors.  The “Tron” is a blue colored dose of awesome you need to try as well.

Many of us at Play Legit are heavy fighting game fans.  Having some of our favorite brawlers under the same roof (and more on the way) is certainly a plus.  Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter 3, and even Wrestlemania: The Arcade game Brother!

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We ran into Legacy Arcade titles such as Centipede, Galaga, Pac-Man, Karate Champion, and even Popeye.

One thing I would add to the place, is the inclusion of more hard-hitting Light Gun shooters.  Area 51: Site 4 was the key representative as of this writing.  However this could change.  Mr. Burkhart informed us that they have a warehouse, which holds even more titles.  He wants everyone to know, they can expect a constant rotation of games.  Keep checking in.

Fun happenings so far include events for the family.  Bring the little ones for “Mini-Me Sundays” during afternoon hours.  Six Special Mocktail Drinks for the kids including a “Baby Pac-Man” flavor and other child-friendly beverages.  A Pinball Wizard Tournament is on the way,  “Thursday Night Fights” is also a regular occurrence.

Overall this is a place you definitely need to check out.  It has a throwback-yet modern feel that we appreciate. There’s bound to be a game inside that caters to your play style.  If you’re in town for a visit, or looking for a Barcade alternative, Level-One is where it’s at.  See you there.

Level-One Bar + Arcade
130 Hutchinson Ave. Columbus, OH 43235


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