The Coin-Op Question: Which Transformers Game Is Your Favorite?

Real Talk By: KJ

The Transformers have seen hits and misses in the video game/movie universe.  However, there has been some great products in-between from surprising places.  The Cybertron games gave us a taste of the world in-which the robots used to call home.  This prequel series developed by High Moon studios would use the Unreal Engine, giving us two great looking games in the process.  Multiplayer would keep players around, with the first game offering three player coop.  You could experience both the Autobot and Deception stories.  The competitive modes were just as fun, and a survival mode would add to the replay value.  The Platinum game designed TF Devastation focuses heavily on melee combat, and uses the G1 universe.  The future seems bright again for this series.  Well, at least for the video game side of things.  The COQ: Which Transformers Game Is Your Favorite?

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3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Which Transformers Game Is Your Favorite?

  1. I enjoyed Devastation a lot so that one gets my vote. Despite loving the cartoon, as a kid, I haven’t played many other TF games. I tried the NES one on an emulator once and wasn’t too impressed.

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