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Hello friends im working on both my reviews for Transformers Devastation and NBA 2K16. Here is some of my thoughts.

…NBA 2K16

You’re greeted by a Mortal Kombat style cinematic with a custom character climbing the tower against the best in basketball today.  Demon eyes, and fire included.  It really is different from the other intros in series history.  I can understand if some aren’t ready for it.  Playing this game i noticed that navigation has been improved. Stellar presentation as always. 2K added even smoother animations to the gameplay. The on-court product is a sight to be hold. The Spike Lee directed “Living Da Dream” takes your character from the streets to the league. I respect that the team tried to intensify the MyCareer mode. Still as year’s past, the performances come off cheesy. Great thing the gameplay is so outstanding.


…Transformers Devastation

What happens when the gameplay of Bayonetta mixes it up with Robots? You get Transformers Devastation. The timed counter system is the same, and combos flow about as smooth.  Rich colors and cel-shaded visuals work with the G1 bots.  Only major complaint thus far is that I have been in the same area for a while. This abandoned city is a great place to fight the Decepticon’s best, but I look forward to more locations.  Additional characters unlock to the player, and each have their own special moves, and strengths.  Side missions, and bonus items are tucked away,  giving folks a real incentive to backtrack.  It’s been a crazy action-packed adventure thus far.

Have you played these games yet?

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