The Coin-Op Question: Is DLC Helping or Hurting The Industry?

Real Talk By: KJ

Question Posed By: Vex

DLC can enrich a game, but could it also devalue it.  We’ve seen so many titles at their core, contain solid elements.  However, the overall fun may have been damaged.   An example that comes to my mind first is in Batman: Arkham Knight.  With the lowest challenge room count in series history, having other maps release later as paid DLC just feels wrong.  I was under the impression that DLC stood for Downloadable Content.  So aren’t we supposed to feel con-tent with our purchase? I have no problem buying extra add-ons when the game originally paid for (at 60$), is loaded.  Enhancing the experience further.  The COQ: Is DLC Helping or Hurting The Industry?

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3 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Is DLC Helping or Hurting The Industry?

  1. I have no problems with DLC. However, when it’s an ending of a game, then that is hurting the industry. Basically means, you’re buying a game, and have to wait a long time for the actual ending. I know Mass Effects new ending was free, but there was not even any point in buying the game until that came out. Whats the point of rushing the release if you’re forced into not finishing the game until they produce dlc?
    I also loved Dragon Age Inquisition, also Bioware/EA, and I just finished the Trespasser DLC, which again, turned into being the actual ending of the game, and if you missed it, like people did on the older consoles (Trespasser wasn’t released for x360 or ps3) and the next game is a sequel, you aren’t going to know what is going on. Also, had to pay to finish the game properly. DLC should be “add on” not “imperative to the game or you’ll miss out on story that is super important”. I know I might be in the minority but, I’d much prefer games take their time to release the game so I can play it start to end without waiting. I don’t mind paying more, because I usually always buy DLC but, you can’t really do that now because the people who finish the game the day it is released post spoilers all over the internet and you can’t avoid them.

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  2. Depends on who you ask. From a publisher’s point of view it helps the industry as it allows them to continue making an income on their expensive investment once a game has been released.

    From a consumer’s point of view I think DLC is harmful. Companies are using it to charge for content that should have been included in the game (in some cases stuff that is even locked away in the disc you bought.) Don’t get me started on things like charging extra for the real ending (Azura’s Wrath.)

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