Mad Max Review: Survive

Real Talk By: KJ

Here is an extension to the insane world of Mad Max (XO,PS4, PC).  Your mission is to simply survive.  The game opens with max having a confrontation with another twisted group of people.  This one belonging to the games big villain Scrotus.  His crew steals your famed Interceptor car, leaving the player with nothing.  However Max runs into an ally who helps him build a new (potentially better) ride known as the Magnum Opus.  This Friend/Mechanic (Chumbucket) stays with the vehicle.  He is obsessed with it, so much it gets really weird.

Max is rooted firmly in his broken state of mind, never really giving trust to the extra characters you’ll interact with. He’s only about earning the scrap.  Collecting materials.  The game world revolves around it.  Gather it from destroying enemy towers, vehicles.  Loot fallen enemies.  Use it to improve the Opus, clothing, and weapons.  The progression feels well-paced as each milestone hit, unlocks some useful stuff.  The team at Avalanche Studios made sure to keep you busy.

If the Magnum Opus is remotely damaged at all, park it. Chumbucket has your back.

Everything from health to ammo is scarce.  All of which has to be found.  No Regen-life here.  Tasty consumables range from Canned Dog Food, Rats, and Maggots.  Yummy.  Find water and fill his canteen.  You can restore energy this way, or be a gent, and give some H20 to stranded folk.

Action packed music replicates the feel of the films.  The Voice acting fits.  Crazy performances from top to bottom.  There are some grotesque creatures in this one, and the audio lines up with the visuals.  Again, another element that goes well with the subject.  Graphics capture the wasteland perfectly.  There isn’t one area of the game that hasn’t been torn to hell.  Rusted out compounds, mountainous areas, barren deserts.  This truly feels like the movie world, despite this game running on its own storyline.  Another way players will appreciate the graphics, is the Photo Editing Mode.  This allows gamers to adjust the screen in unique ways, adding cool filters and watermarks.  In-fact every image seen in this review was taken using this feature.

Fire arms include a sniper rifle, which is attached the car, and his trusty sawed-off shotgun.  Players can launch a harpoon from the opus, and stick it into towers, other vehicles, and even people.  Ripping stuff apart with fantastic results.  Shoving one into an enemy, then launching them is one of the more hilarious ways to play.

Some vehicles will lose control very easily.  This makes car retrieval missions frustrating.  Some have some really awful handing, and traction. Hitting the tiniest rock will make even some of the bigger rides do a 360 off the road.  However, driving your own souped-up ride isn’t bad.  Car combat (using the Magnum Opus) is rock solid.  Shoot out tires.  Rip open doors with the harpoon.  Equip extra armor, and slam bandits off the road.  You have plenty of options here and aggressive enemies, making these confrontations “Fury Road” awesome.

Sidestep oncoming vehicles or shoot out their tires.

Most of the game is spent taking over enemy strongholds.  You can either weaken their outside defenses, or gather intel from the locals and sneak inside.  When you’re in, find cleverly placed insignias, and gather scrap metal.  These gang hangouts look different all the time, keeping tasks more fresh than you’d expect.  It’s cool to see an area after you’ve taken over. Figuring out how that group of people were getting by in this world.  Some truly have it rough.

Some of these areas, are home to “Top Dog” enemies.  All the big dogs in Mad Max look and fight the same with a slight color swapping.  Again it’s nice that the areas are always fresh when facing one, but an attack variation with each mini-boss should have been a thing.  Also, while The Final boss fight wasn’t Shadow of Mordor easy, it still left something to be desired.  I did enjoy the overall plot since it was true to the IP.

Drop some devastating punches.

The hand to hand combat is reactive based.  Batman style.  The main difference is that Max is a close quarters brawler.  If you see an enemy attacking but he’s clearly out of range, hitting the counter button won’t register.  They have to be next to you.  Less finesse, just dirty boxing throughout.  Some baddies will have weapons which can be taken and used against them.  Another plus for me, is that enemies can accidentally hurt or kill each other.  It’s happened a lot.  This applies to road battles as well.

The title isn’t without its flaws.  However, the core gameplay, is strong enough.  Absolutely worthwhile unlockables throughout.  Exploring and looting.  It does get a tad repetitive.  When that feeling starts to hit in-full, your game will most likely be nearly complete.  The perfect length, with plenty of side missions (30 plus hours).  Relic hunting, Stronghold capturing, and new car finds.  Though there’s no Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy in sight, this still felt like a full-on Mad Max experience from beginning to end.

Mad Max Gets


4 Out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Deep Customization

+Fun Gameplay


+ScreenShot Capture Mode

What’s Perpetrating?

-Driving Mechanics Feel Off On Most Vehicles

-Repetitive Missions

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5 thoughts on “Mad Max Review: Survive

  1. I loved Mad Max a lot more then I thought I would. My first playthrough was about 50 hours. Here’s’ a tip for you. If you decide to start a new game copy and paste your first save into a new slot before you do. Overwrite your old autosave with a new game and you’ll get Max’s jacket, and shotgun once you’re able to upgrade Max on your next playthrough :].

    Great review.

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  2. As we all know sometimes film doesn’t translate to the video game world very well. Good to know this is a title where something went right. Mad Max is amazing and I want to keep it that way 🙂

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