30 Years of Mario

Nintendo’s Mascot is officially 30 years old, and Play Legit staff gathered together to share our Mario memories.

T-42: The first time I remember playing Mario, I was 3 years old in 1989.  What a trip, the kid 2 houses down from me had an NES and with Excite Bike. Crazy that I remember that. We were in Lexington Kentucky at the time. It wasn’t until my 8th Birthday that I got a SNES that came with Super Mario World and Super Mario All Stars.

Ms. Throwback: Mario is the reason I started gaming. Period.  Who could resist the vibrant colors, catchy music, and challenging appeal.  He is the pinnacle of gaming.  Hard to believe he’s only a year older than me.

mario-brosKJ:  I would play at friends and family homes, experiencing Super Mario 1-3 in a secondhand type of way. However, my first legitimate Mario experience was with World. The inclusion of Yoshi immediately upped the already-high fun factor. The island music too mon! Super Mario RPG impressed me with its visuals. One of my favorites from that genre still.  Though I missed the NES boat growing up, my SNES lineup would make up for it.

Ms. Throwback: Super Mario World was my first too. I back tracked at my dad’s house later in life and played all the originals. The weird part is it never felt like backtracking. They were all so different and I loved them all.

What are some of your Mario Memories? We would love to check them out.

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6 thoughts on “30 Years of Mario

  1. My first Mario memory was watching The Super Mario Challenge TV show. The first Mario title I ever owned was Super Mario Land on the original Gameboy.

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  2. I’ve always been a Sonic and Sega adept, so (naturally) my first and second consoles were the Master System and the Sega Genesis. What that means is that my first contact with Mario in a deeper sense was when I got an N64 on the snowy morning of the 26th of December, 1998. We’d just moved from Brazil to the U.S. and my parents had gotten me the console as a Christmas present, along with a few games – one of them being Super Mario 64 – and I spent most of my day after Christmas day enthralled by the 3D platformer. Gaming on the N64 as a child is probably one of my favorite memories within gaming, from matches with my neighbours in Super Smash Bros. to exploring the vast world of Ocarina of Time.

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