Pokemon Go Announced!

Real Talk By J.Valdez

A new Pokémon game has been announced, and this time it takes place in the real world! Nintendo and Niatic have teamed up to make a real world Pokemon game a reality.  Become a pokemon master using gps and augmented reality in your own part of the world, as you catch, trade, and battle pokemon against others! It seems that you can even team up with other trainers to take down bigger foes as shown at the end of the video. There isnt really much else I can say thats not shown in the video already. All I can add is that I’m really excited, and that a younger me can finally rest knowing something like this is now possible.

7 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Announced!

    1. Yea I thought about that too at first, the April first thing that google did, I think that was this year right? Makes me wonder if that was them teasing a really early version to gauge interest?

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