Halo 5: Moving Backwards To Go Forward

Real Talk By: Vex

Josh Holmes, the executive producer for Halo 5: Guardians, has revealed that Halo 5: Guardians online mode won’t include a voting or a veto system. What can this possibly mean? Twitter responses have been mixed. Forums of what seem to be trolls are angered.

I have fond memories of jamming out to Halo over the years, but none fonder than the earlier days.  Before veto and voting systems it seemed as if the map rotation was more diverse than recent games.  The right to vote seemed like a great idea when it first came out because it felt as if you were given a voice.  Much to my disappointment, as more games came out it seemed like I was playing a not so diverse pairing of maps.  As groups of MLG d-bags grew, they would not only vote for certain maps but also certain game types. What Bungie implemented as a solution to prevent map repetition, had only made it much worse.

343 Industries has made great choices concerning the Halo franchise, and this seems to be just another great turn for the better.  Given the amount of Halo I have played for the last decade and a half, I can only for see great results in this approach.  Giving voting rights are only beneficial when given to folks capable of not being selfish and that has not been too prevalent in the history of match making.  Hats off to 343 for taking another bold chance in keeping our interest raised in a franchise that has stood the test of time and only keeps getting better.  See you all on Halo 5 this october.

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