Project CARS: Still Running Strong

Real Talk By: Knowledge

I’am here, just to give a few words on Project Cars. One of the latest additions to the ever-expanding world of racing games.

The keyword for Project Cars, in my opinion, is detail. It truly is a driving simulator akin to what I can only imagine the Air Force uses to train pilots. Through adjusting difficulty levels, everything from tire pressure to seat adjustment can make all the difference in having a successful racing experience. Other games before this have really opened up the world of driving simulators, but now, I think Project Cars is the last word. A somewhat low volume of cars, compared to other games, to drive from luxury sedans to Le Mans pedigree legends only continues to grow with free DLC and pay to play content also. All of which comes at a relatively low-cost and no sense of buyer’s remorse because there is no season pass to “save you money”.

I recently sat down to play Project Cars with a few good friends of mine by the name of Hec G and KJ. Hec, who may the only gamer I know that has played more hours of Gran Turismo than I have, put his opinion in alignment with mine and even pointed out some more of the details that I had missed. KJ grabbed the sticks and enjoyed the game for what it is. A detailed, well designed, graphically superior masterpiece.

Project Cars, I feel, had a quiet launch and is maintaining quiet success because of all the big name titles that people have bought or are looking forward to buying. But ladies and gentlemen this game is in no way a flop. Sometimes, no news can be good news. If there is no one complaining or pointing out glaring issues then they have done something right. The detail in this game can be staggering and maybe even intimidating, but if you haven’t purchased, rented or watched someone play this beautiful game. I suggest you do so, immediately.

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Drop Knowledge

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