The Coin-Op Question: Company or Custom Characters?

Real Talk By: KJ

In game like Saints Row, the character you make is 100% percent the focal point.  Engaging in lines of dialogue with other characters who are already a part of the game world, doing all the action in cut-scenes.  Whenever the folks behind the WWE games leave out a career mode starring a custom wrestler, the backlash can be fierce.  Players love taking their grappler through a long campaign.  Mass Effect has a standard template for commander Shepard used in commerce.  However, they really let you go down into the finer details.  Plenty of voice and facial options.  Players wanted that from Grand Theft Auto’s main story.  If that was the case, would we of had the memorable characters this series has brought us.  Would an insane character like Trevor ever seen the light of day.  Weekly Question: Customized Characters or Company Branded?


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2 thoughts on “The Coin-Op Question: Company or Custom Characters?

  1. Whatever fits the game gets my vote. Custom made characters tend to lack personality, but I do like having the option to alter appearances… praise be to the bust size slider.

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