Borderlands Movie Announced

Real Talk By: J. Valdez

Lionsgate announced the borderlands movie today, being produced by Ari Arad, who has a pretty big list of movies to his name. There’s still no date announced for the movie.  However, as a borderlands fan, the hype is there for me.  Even though video game movies arent always the best, I’m hopeful that with Ari and Lionsgate, we can get something that does justice to the franchise.

The only information so far is that it will be set in Pandora, but no word yet on what characters it will feature, or whether it will be based off any one game specifically. There is a group of cosplayers I know that do the games justice if they havent decided on casting yet.


Borderlands isn’t the only game getting a movie, there’s talks of a Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Hitman, and of course Assassins Creed.  It got me wondering, what other games could be turned into a movie? I’d like to see Nintendo get back into the movie game, that Mario movie needs redemption. Let us know below what games you’d like to see remade on the big screen.

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