Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Review: Yoga Game

Real Talk By: KJ

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey (XO, PS4) is brought to you by Grandé Games.  Players will take the lead character through 10 levels of platforming/yoga madness.

The XO or PS4 camera is used with this title, as the game scans the player right into it.  Twist your body in crazy directions to progress.  Once positioned properly, take a snapshot with the controller.  This is the only way Commander Cherry can grab all the orbs.  Gamers are the platform for our hero.  He climbs on you and advances.  As the difficulty ramps, the positioning of the orbs gets tougher.  Eventually you’ll have to make multiple versions of yourself, occupying the screen at one time.  Those segments are my favorite parts of the game.

Completing each puzzle, will give you Coins.  There are different titles obtainable, with “Yoga Awesome” being the peak.  This is achieved by doing everything right without any do-overs.

Weapons and enemies unlock too.  The items do mix up the gameplay (as seen in the video above) but it never really leaves a big impact.  It wont change your mind about the expierence.  This is a fitness game in disguise.  Those looking for a non-workout should avoid at all costs.

This is For Flexible Gamers.

The sound overall needs work.  During the game there’s little to no background music at all.  Simple beeping sounds play during levels.  This coupled with the dull visuals, making the overall presentation suffer.  I found it unappealing continuously picking up/putting down the controller.  A second player adds more excitement though.  Have one person doing the yoga with the camera, while the other navigates the commander across.

Yoga bending is fun, but the platforming could use work.  Also a legitimate soundtrack would have helped out.  This Puzzled Journey has 10 Stages, and can be completed in 2 hours tops.  The pricing definitely feels too high ($13.99).  CC loses its magic fast.  The core gameplay isn’t polished enough to warrant multiple playthroughs.  Weak visuals, and sluggish platforming lowers this concept.  Cool ideas floating around, but the execution is off.

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Gets


2.5 out 5

What’s Legit?

+Gives You A Workout

+Unique Coop

What’s Perpetrating?

-A Bit Pricey

-Forgettable Sounds

-Very Short

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cherry4*Review Copy Provided By Grandé Games.

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