What We Need From Nintendo’s Eshop

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

It’s been four solid years since Nintendo launched the virtual console, or eShop for the original Nintendo Wii and we’ve seen some amazing title arise from the ashes for another play through.  Since then it has come over to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS but recently it seems like something is missing, or maybe more correctly, that it could use a little something more. It’s not too much to expect from Nintendo.  Generally they have been a company that listens to the fan base and wants the very best in gaming for everyone.  They are the longest existing and most well-known video gaming company in the world.  They have resources, so why do they need to play so much pf a catch-up with the virtual console?

Firstly, as of now, there is a large chunk of obviously amazing titles missing from the library.  They include everything from SNK, Sega, N64, SNES, and NES.  Nintendo has less third-party support than their arch rivals Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which means the least they could do is push getting the amazing titles they’ve had in the past onto the virtual consoles network.  The recent release and success of Rare Replay goes to show that people are still stoked about playing old school titles with some strategic updates.  It can’t possibly be that difficult to devote a team to just releasing a vast amount of these titles onto the eShop.


Also, where are the demos?  wouldn’t it just make sense to promote what you have coming out.  It makes me want to head to Nintendo headquarters to see exactly what process it takes to add something to the eShop.  In my mind I just can’t imagine it being that complicated and yet, they are too little, too late.

Why not bring some fresh ideas to the scene as well.  I can think of a few right off the top of my head.  An eShop where not only could you buy the title but you could also rent it.  On holidays or weekends when you had friends over why not just have the option to rent the game for a few days at a lower price.  Some of the titles on the eShop only require a quick play through anyway, I don’t think anyone is rushing out here to buy the original Mario Bros. but sometimes I get the itch to play it.  Let me open it up for a couple of days for two bucks or something, I can play it, get my fill, maybe a year from now I want to play it again, and I do the same thing.  I guarantee this would profit them more than the amount of one time purchases they get on that title.  Or just bundle a bunch of related titles together and let me rent that for like a week.   I can pick what I want to play, it doesn’t break the bank, Nintendo profits.  Zero down side.  Maybe even at the end of the rental period if you wanted to buy it to keep they could give you a discounted price.


Another focus needs to be cult classic followers of games.  There are so many titles out there that didn’t catch the scene when they were released but have since gained a vast following.  We all know what they are now, Nintendo does too, so there should be a push to re-release these titles on the eShop.  Half the reason Rare Replay was so exciting was because of the inclusion of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which is now a cult classic.  Nintendo has released some of their cult classic titles but they are few and far between, one of them being Earthbound.  What about Ikaruga, Viewtiful Joe, Super Princess Peach, F Zero GX, Several of the Mario Party N64 titles, or Eternal Darkness.  Nintendo straight up owns the rights to several of these titles, it really should be a non-issue to port them to the eShop.

In the end of ends Nintendo is just missing opportunities here.  They have this in the bag already, it just needs to become a focus.  We need games to play until the new ones come out. Why not give us the ones we used to love for a reasonable price.  Let us remember all the reasons we used to love you before we go out and buy the new titles we will be begging you for in the future.  Cult classics, exclusives, and rare titles that have yet to be matched, Nintendo knows these categories better than any other company on the planet.  We want to see it.

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