Game Rotation – August 2015

Real Talk By: KJ

This Special Coin-Op Question is all about you. Toy Soldiers War Chest is out with special characters.  Assassin’s Creed, Gi Joe/Cobra and He Man worlds have been represented in this third outing.  PS Plus and Xbox Gold continue to give free games.  Rare Replay is loaded with 30 titles, giving players hours of potential good times. Game Freak’s Tembo The Badass Elephant smashed his way onto  the scene. Space shooter Galak-Z from 17-Bit, is roaming on the Playstation Network and PC.  Plenty of Solid titles to go around.  Stuff from the past few months have left a strong impact too. Maybe there is stuff from the weeks gone by still in your console.  Weekly Question: What Games are in your August Rotation?

#AugustGames @PlayLegit

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