Resident Evil 2 Remake: Start The Countdown

Real Talk By: The AX

Today is a cause for much jubilation amongst us horror mongers. For those who haven’t heard, Capcom formally announced our beloved Resident Evil 2 is getting a full remake! While this may or may not be related to incredible fan reaction to the FFIIV remake, the cause for celebration should be no less anticipated. This, my friends, is the news survival horror fans have much-needed since the infamous cancellation of Silent Hills.

Why be excited, you ask? For starters, executive producer Hirabayashi has not only expressed legitimate enthusiasm for the project, but has also requested fan feedback for the creation of the game. While it was insinuated today that the remake has only just been approved and there won’t be any updates for a while, this also implies that Capcom is finally ready to listen to what the fans really want. Do we want the RE1 camera style, or do we want RE4 gameplay? Will they go for more subtle “less is more” horror, or go the Michael Bay approach that RE6 took? These questions are still up in the air as it appears that development is still in the very early stages and fan input has come to the forefront.

Third-Person anyone?

While Silent Hill has arguably been the “best” horror franchise in terms of scares, let us all raise a glass and provide an outpouring of feedback to Capcom, to create the best horror game made in recent years. Now is the time for them to make up for the void that P.T. has created in our masochistic hearts. May William Birkin be re-imagined in all of his disgustingly detailed glory!

In reaction to this announcement, check back at the site periodically for reviews of some of the past (and even lesser known) Resident Evil titles. Sound off your opinions in the comments, and let’s get the countdown clock started!

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