Side Missions: Janitor Cop The Movie

Washed out former officer Steve Fisher is the only hope for a dirty job. With the clock ticking, he is called in to dust off his rusty skills and polish his tarnished reputation. Can he sweep the Arena in time, or will he find himself picking up the pieces?

Several of us from the site participated in the 48 Hour film contest.  We were given a Genre, prop, and Line we had to include.  The movie is required to be made within that time limit. Late-night editing sessions were in full effect.  Naturally, we took what was given to us and came up with an absolutely absurd concept.


  • Cmack The Don as Janitor Cop
  • Hec G as Chief
  • Jason Johns as Officer Hardhouse
  • and KJ as Ron Chamberlain

Here is the stuff we had to include in the video:

  • Character: Ron or Rhonda Chamberlain, Twin
  • Prop: a wrapped gift
  • Line: “Try it. What have you got to lose?”

#JanitorCop @PlayLegit


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