The Coin-Op Question: What Gamescom Announcement Knocked Your Socks Off?

Real Talk By: KJ

We saw the unveiling of a Halo 5 Guardians special controller/unit.  A new chat pad was announced at the MS conference as well.  Microsoft reinforced their 2015 plans, while building early hype for 2016 releases.  EA gave us a closer look at gameplay from Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, FIFA 16, and More coverage on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.  Gameplay demos of Scalebound, Rise of The Tomb Raider, and other games were shown.  A major part of the event was dedicated to Quantum Break.  In QB  players will complete levels, then unlock live action 22 minute episodes that tie right into the events of the game.  World of Warcraft gained new life with its upcoming “Legion” add-on. Whether you have a PC, PS4, or Xbox One, an owner of any has something to get excited about. Weekly Question: What Gamescom Announcement Knocked Your Socks Off?

justcause3Bonus Staff Thoughts:

KJ: I look forward to Mafia III.  It will be interesting to see how the development crew handles a 1960’s New Orléans setting.

J. Valdez: Just Cause 3.  Definitely want that.  Looks better in every way possible.

KJ: Day of the conference reveals are really cool too. “Oh yeah by the way, we added Rash to Killer Instinct, have fun with that”. Out of nowhere.

Vex: I enjoyed the new approach of Quantum Break, also my interest in Scalebound has skyrocketed.  The DVR feature coming to Xbox One is a nice perk.  KJ is certainly not missing anymore Gilmore Girls re-runs.

KJ: 😦

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