PS Now Request: The Bouncer

Real Talk By: KJ

Three Bar Bouncers take on the evil Mikado Corporation.  This was an early PS2 game, and still one of the better looking ones.  Sion, Volt, and Kou each had unique abilities.  Balanced, Power, and Speed.   The Bouncer gave its players solid upgrades.  Strength and life enhancements.  The fighting was already deep, so it was a treat to unlock more stuff along the way.  Square picked the right team to handle the combat mechanics.  DreamFactory (Tobal No. 1, Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring) made sure that defeating every enemy felt satisfying.  The 4 player “Battle Royal” had an interesting lineup of playable characters.  Replay value was extended by The Single player story, with branching paths and multiple endings.  This is a beat-em-up we would like to see on PlayStation Now.  A sequel would be a nice surprise.

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