Backwards Nominee: Mark of The Ninja

Real Talk By: KJ

Klei Entertainment makes truly awesome titles.  Shank is a series that needs to be backwards compatible on The Xbox One.  Big time combos and sick weapons added to its already affordable price-tag.  Speaking of awesome, Mark of The Ninja was another game from the same studio.  Having a similar (yet darker) art style, from a presentational aspect, I was sold. Players couldn’t run around rambo style like they could in Shank, so stealth tactics were the key.  There are far too many 3D games that fail to capture the ninja magic, but this game nails the experience.  Set up a variety of traps to embarrass enemies.  Stealth kill animations looked fluid, and were always satisfying to land.

Levels featured lamps, that needed to be destroyed or avoided.  Guard Dogs were placed in such a way that they could really mess up your rhythm.  So much detail, and things you can do on a Small scale.  Costumes weren’t just for the look.  They had serious advantages and disadvantages.  Replaying levels in different gear, was never more entertaining than in this title.  An instant classic.  One of the best Stealth games of all time in my opinion.

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