Batgirl: A Matter of Family Review: Arkham Extended

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Real Talk By: The AX

Batman Arkham Knight is fantastic game, both visually and mechanically. This fact has been echoed all across the interwebs over the past month, and for good reason. While not really building too much on the foundation that the earlier Arkham games (even a little of Origins) have lain, it’s still a lot of fun to glide through Gotham City as the infamous caped crusader. With all the buzz about one of the most expensive season passes, it does however beg the questions as to whether the extra content will not only live up to game it attempts to enhance, but also the hefty price tag. Batgirl: A Matter of Family (PS4, XO, PC) is the first of the promised downloadable episodes, and while it stumbles to set itself apart from its base game, more Arkham is never a bad thing.

Spanning events that occurred prior to Arkham Asylum (and The Killing Joke, for those privy to the source material), Barb Gordon is tasked with liberating her father from none other than the Clown Prince of Crime himself. This is unfortunate because a character like Barb Gordon deserves to be fleshed out a little more than “let’s get my boyfriend to help me save Daddy.” While playing the Batgirl DLC, I never felt like I was anything other than a lady Batman with a passion for electronics. Now, having not read any of the source material, this very well could be an accurate portrayal of Barb. It pales in comparison, at least in terms of depth, to Arkham Knight.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150715005309
Batgirl and Robin Team up.

In terms of gameplay, this is typical Arkham fare with a purple interface. Somehow, the Batgirl DLC seemed a little more challenging than the Arkham Knight story mode. Perhaps this is because there is no option to fly through the amusement park setting, grinding for hours to be almost unstoppable. It was nice to see that the developer integrated a little of Barb’s personality into the play style (at least with the gadget options), but at the end of the day it’s the same button-mashing chaotic fun.

Bottom-Line: Batgirl is just as gorgeous and fun as the Arkham Knight main campaign and lacks the (sometimes overcooked) Batmobile puzzles as well as deep story components. While this DLC is a rather unnecessary romp with an underexposed character, it was great fun to get the cowl back on. The $7 price tag is worth it for Bat-fans, but the mere 1-2 hours of extra gameplay may not satiate most. Here’s to the (faint) hope that there is more Batgirl on the way and this is just the beginning of the story leading up to the Killing Joke game-changer.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family Gets

3mf3 out 5 stars

What’s Legit?

-Gorgeous presentation

-Smooth fluid combat

-Additional Story with easter eggs for potential continuation

What’s Perpetrating?

-Extremely short

-Not very much depth to characters

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