Vex: Fanboy-ism in general.  People getting caught up in their systems, instead of enjoying gaming. 

Or how about abundance over intelligence. More mindless enemies on-screen to compensate for a lack of smarter ones.  The A.I. within the Batman Arkham and Uncharted series comes to mind.  Though both offer challenges in other aspects (Leader-board Competition/online versus), their computer controlled baddies lack in that area. This is something growing in gaming.  Running through levels, never truly being stuck.

The loss of mystery. So many spoilers. Story and gameplay reveals, before the title even releases.

KJ: How come Lego games have zero online coop options?

But seriously, DLC that allows you to unlock everything already on-disk.  You could just play the game to get it anyway.  Isn’t that what they were meant for?  To be played?  These forms of transactions will never set right with me.  Has to be called into question.  Why are they being produced?  Some outlandish DLC bothers me too.  Shouldn’t the content make sense with the universe you originally bought into.  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare extra armor options can get silly.  Seeing people running around as alien like creatures in bright armor feels out-of-place in that world.  If your game was cartoony or comical then it works.   To have candy cane colored weapons, and polka dot templates, well sir, im throwing a yellow flag at that.  Gears of War 3 and Judgement come to mind.  Save the wacky content for wacky games.  Weekly Question: What Is your Biggest Pet Peeve In Gaming?

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