The Coin-Op Question: What is The Best Movie-Game Tie-In?

Real Talk By: KJ

Videogame releases coinciding with their movie counterparts, well, is rarely a success. Usually it’s because the game is rushed to drop on the same day as the flick. When I found out Rockstar Games would be making a game out of one my favorite movies (The Warriors PS2, PSP, Xbox) I wasn’t even sure if it was true. Around this time all the focus was around Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club. Not only did it happen, but they also added their own concepts that fit into the world Walter Hill constructed so many years ago.

To have such a huge chunk of the Warriors come from scratch, then blend seamlessly into the classic events of the film, this is an impressive feat. Not only is the Warriors one of my favorite beat em up games of all time, it’s certainly my favorite Game-Movie tie in. Since this movie is from the 70’s, they obviously weren’t pressured to push something out prematurely. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is another highlight on my list. Vin diesel proved his devotion to the industry by helping during development, and providing his likeness too. Weekly Question: What is The Best Movie-Game Tie In?

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