Batman: Arkham Knight Review: The Batmobile Rises

The realest Arkham Knight Review you’ll find is here. Vex sets aside his childhood love for the character, to breakdown the game in detail. Was Rocksteady able to go three for three? Let’s suit up.

Reviewer Quick Notes Below:

  • Graphics set the standard in 2015
  • Hand to Hand/Predator Combat gets even better, and thugs are more difficult too.
  • Challenge Rooms are clearly being held back for DLC. Can no longer take unlocked characters through multiple trials.
  • The game could have chopped away 30 to 40 percent of the Batmobile missions. Shooting the same three or four drone types, simply gets old.
  • Story mode is insanely well written and the pacing matches up. Links together all four Arkham games.
  • Voice acting enriches the previous plus.
  • Multiple gameplay bugs pop up. Needs patching on Console and PC.
  • The fan service and presentation shines through its flaws.
  • Batman the character, has never been represented better outside of the comic book pages.

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2 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Knight Review: The Batmobile Rises

  1. I have played the game for about an hour. So far it feels more like a driving game, but on the plus side the transformable Batmobile is pretty cool.

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