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The Coin-op Question: Which Mascots Should Return?

Real Talk By: KJ

The Coin Op question this week was inspired by the return of some favorites. Rare Replay for Xbox One, has been stuffed with memorable characters. Conker, certainly comes to mind. The Ratchet and Clank Reload coming to PS4 has us amped, mainly because it’s more than just a quick cash-in. How about some obscure mascots from gaming’s past? Personally I miss Gex. The secret agent spin the company went with made playing through levels fun as a child. A proper Crash Bandicoot return is long overdue. With Uncharted 4 rumored to be Naughty Dog’s last, we think the time is right for a comeback. However, some mascots should stay on the bench. Bubsy the flying Bobcat, im looking at you! Over the years we have seen failed characters, and of course successful ones like Mario, also Sonic. Let’s hear from you friends. Weekly Question: Which Mascots Should Return?

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