Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 2015 Reaction

Real Talk By: Knowledge

September 1st marks a bittersweet day. The release of the last Metal Gear made with the Kojima name attached to it. But also, what could arguably be the greatest game in this extraordinary franchise’s history. Today, a 40 minute demo was released and I was glued to my seat and screen the entire time. The overall scheme is phenomenal. The game mechanics seems to be completely effortless  from the players reaction time to controller output. Day or night, kill or capture, and new to the franchise, the buddy system. This game is an important of my history as a gamer because Metal Gear solid was the first game I ever played through by myself from beginning to completion. Because of that, I will be buying the collector’s edition.

It comes with a special packaging with the Diamond Dogs insignia on it, a special steelbook cover, loads of downloadable options for snake and other characters in the game, a blu-ray disc loaded with extra content about the making of the game, AND a smaller detailed replica of Big Boss’ mechanical arm. Lookout for a video box opening on September 1st. Until then, may the L’es enfant terribles live on!

#E32015 @PlayLegit


Drop Knowledge

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