Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2015 Reaction

Real Talk By: Knowledge

It seems that the world around us is finally evolving away from your typical one directive one route first person shooter. With games Like Metal Gear Solid V, and Rainbow Six: Siege the range of options in performing and executing missions seems to be nearly limitless. Not only that but they are involving more team executed play and allowing people to play together and work together in a seamless fluid plan. Now, thanks to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, we have what seems to be another great looking game that gives you a vast range of options from the weapons you choose, the equipment you wear, right down to whether or not you kill the objective target or take him in for further questioning. Shooting games are evolving, and frankly it might be some of the best I’ve seen in gaming, in a long time.

#E32015 @PlayLegit


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