Sony E3 2015: Bullet Point Truth

KJ here to give you some Sony Playstation Bullet point truth. Let’s check out the highlights.

  • A New franchise is confirmed from Guerilla games. A grouping of characters with limited technology, taking on powerful robotic dinosaurs. It’s like a stone-future age. It will be interesting to see how our heroes match-up in the world of “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. Our favorite Exclusive of the show.
  • A more polished version of The Last Guardian was unveiled. We see the boy and his massive pet united taking on environmental puzzles. The game was locked in for 2016. I’m wondering if this will be a cross release for PS4 and PS3. That would be a nice send off to the earlier system.
  • The latest Hitman game was unveiled in a cinematic trailer. I want to see the gameplay though, since this is one of my favorite franchises. Pre-order and get exclusive PS4 contracts and first entry into the beta.
  • Birdie and Cammy are penciled-in for Street Fighter V. The Beta begins July 23rd. That’s happening pretty soon.
  • Media Molecule showed off a game where you paint with the controller. Due to the power of the PS4, some truly jaw dropping art pieces can be made. You can then interact with it. Dreams is the name of the game. The house that built Little Big Planet continues to expand.
  • Destiny: The Taken King drops September 15th of this year. New gear, maps, coop. PS exclusive content remains locked in for fans.
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is coming first to PS4. You know the greatest RPG of all time. No biggie.
  • An indie game montage revealed two games we want. A beat-em-up titled “Mother Russia Bleeds” and  “Crossing Souls” both from Devolver Digital. I will list my favorite indies from the show very soon.
  • A Shenmue 3 kickstarter is official. The fate of the series is in your hands. When it succeeds, the title will release for PS4 and PC. Key word is “when”. Thinking positive/happy thoughts over here.
  • Uncharted 4 stole the show. We get to see some serious action this time. Drake and Sully riding in a jeep, smashing through a busy village. The comedic one-liners are still present and added to this showcase of awesome. The amount of detail put into this scene was crucial. Can 2016 just get here. Check out the demo below.

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2 thoughts on “Sony E3 2015: Bullet Point Truth

  1. What a killer conference. Uncharted 4 and Horizon have been the highlights of E3 for me so far. I was also happy to see The Last Guardian again and what Media Molecule has been up to (even if I really don’t fully understand what their game is yet… haha).

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