Nintendo E3 2015: Bullet Point Truth

Real Talk By: Ms Throwback

I’am here to give you the highlights you need from Nintendo’s presser. Here we go.

  • The announcement of Starfox Zero for Wii U, this version includes a type of transforming vehicle which can fly classically as Starfox always has or turn into several different types for ground combat. Can we all be happy no one is exiting their ships and it seems they have gone back to the Starfox 64 feel?
  • A dedicated mobile platform codenamed NX will be announced in 2016. Say what?
  • The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is announced which is a coop team based game which you can run through with friends in person or online using your Nintendo DS platform. I’m super stoked about this one. Who doesn’t want to master dungeons with friends? If you prefer to run through as a single player the other coop players are placed for you. This would be the absolute lamest way to play of course.
  • The 30th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers is coming up and Nintendo celebrates with Super Mario Maker by letting players create their own Mario levels that can be shared globally with friends. Amiibo features can be activated of course, not just new ones but already released ones. Looks like a birthday present for me 🙂 09/11/1986. You can also play the game in Best Buy stores starting on certain dates.
  • More new Amiibos are on the way for a new version of Skylanders which includes exclusive Nintendo characters.
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force for the Nintendo 3DS which includes Metroid Prime Blast Ball as a secondary title in 2016. It has a strange boxy art style to it and didn’t show much gameplay.
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends will also be coming to Nintendo DS in 2016. It was an insane success on Wii U so this isn’t suprising. It will have everything from the Wii U version and include more exclusive characters.
  • Fire Emblem Fates shows off some impressive anime like visuals for the Nintedndo DS. If it’s as involved as others in the series this will be an instant classic. Available 2016.
  • Mirage Master is something I’ll have to look more into. A very japanese feel but some beautiful visuals with what looks like a very involved story. I wasn’t sure of the platform this one was on but it looks like a DS title which will be available 2016.
  • Some more epic action comes into view through a trailer now. Huge beasts roam through unfamiliar planets. The menu screen has an RPG feel and cut scenes are action packed for Xenoblade Chronicles X available 12/4/15.
  • Oh now it’s getting real! Hardcore gamers will be ecstatic to learn of the next title. Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Don’t hate, it has a more social feel to it, and whats this exclusive amiibos because it’s a Wii U title.
  • One of the titles I was most excited to hear about is Yoshi’s Wooly World. Some amazing lady has created yarn nitted amiibos and it just makes one all fuzzy inside. Coop mode makes me even more exstatic. 10/16/2015 release date.
  • Trailers are displayed for Yo-Kai Watch, a DS title which seems to involve some stylus use.
    Nintendo DS is killin em’! What’s this? Some type of classic vs. paper mario hybrid? Mario and Luigi Dream Team.
  • Some Mario Tennis Ultra Smash action with new features involving giant versions of players. Coming out this holiday season.

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