Microsoft E3 2015: Bullet Point Truth

KJ and Vex are Breaking down only the realest highlights you need from Microsoft’s E3 2015 Presentation. No punches will be pulled. Could MS get it done this year?

  • Halo 5 Guardians new mode: Warzone. This reminded us of battlefield in a way, due to the absolute chaos happening on-screen. The replay value is sure to be high. New enemy types and Spartan abilities insure that Coop will be a big factor this time.
  • A mysterious character is accompanied by a droid. She defeats enemies then powers her robot friend. This game is called ReCore. It is Keiji Inafune’s latest and an exclusive to MS.
  • In what is to be considered the people’s elbow, Microsoft dropped massive news on backward compatibility. You can now enjoy Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One. Preview Members can reach the feature now. It will be available to the public during the holiday season. Broadcasting, screenshots, and video captures are all functional.
  • They’re giving the controller mod community a real run this time. This Elite pad has triggers that can lock for more precision. This will help for shooting games and driving in Forza. Buttons can be re-adjusted too. The D-Pad appears to be super accurate. We look forward to playing Killer Instinct on this new controller. Of course, if the price is right. Could this fall in the $64.99 price range?
  • Fallout 4 will come with part 3. Mods made on PC will be accessible for free on Xbox One. Microsoft paid more attention overall to Windows 10. Many games announced are arriving on both platforms.
  • There was an Indie game montage with the Dinosaur epic “Ark”, and “Cuphead”. Yes, KJ still wants to play Cuphead badly. Beyond Eyes has players guiding a girl through water-colored landscapes. Ashen is a coop oriented action adventure role playing game. Awesome creatures and cool character models were jammed all through the trailer.
  • The sequel to Garden Warfare is coming out next spring, it looks to add to the already fun multiplayer with new Plants and Zombies. The Stock of Corn character was the best thing going. Check him out.
  • Ubisoft’s The Division, is going to have a beta on Xbox One this Dec. Rainbow 6 Siege will be packaged with Vegas 1 and 2 together at no extra charge.
  • Gears of War Collection Ultimate Edition Beta starts today. Codes are going out as we type. Full release date is August 25th. You’ll get 1080P/60FPS gameplay.
  • Well it’s about time. Classic Rare games as a big bundle are on the way. 30 games for 30 dollars in the Rare Replay Collection. Drops August 4th 2015. Killer Instinct, Blast Corps, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark just to name a few.
  • A new Rare game was announced as well, involving pirates. Going on adventures for treasure, maintaining the ship, engaging in naval battles. This game is “Sea of Thieves”. The standout thing for us was the feature where your friends can make somebody walk the plank. Still no new Battletoads, but we’ll take it.
  • The Hololens showed a game of Minecraft being played on a surface other than a gaming screen. Could you imagine sitting back, looking at people playing on your coffee table? This was an impressive display. Hopefully it’s not all smoke and mirrors like the first Kinect Reveal video. Just saying.
  • Gameplay was shown from a much-anticipated title. Two new protagonists were exploring an abandoned village at night. The environment was crumbling in front of them due to vicious weather. An apparent non-locust (still really ugly) threat is attacking. Check it out below. Known as “Gears 4” this arrives in holiday 2016. I guess Gears of War 4 is a mouthful to say in regular conversation.

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