Journey To The Old North Arcade

Real Talk By: KJ

Cmack The Don, King Sam, Jason Johns and I visited the new Old North Arcade. This being the latest Bar/Gaming hybrid to hit Columbus, Ohio. Another well-known place has been in town for a few years (16-Bit), but it’s always good to have options. Well, this newest establishment has a wide arrangement of classics from Tekken 3, to Gauntlet Legends, and even House of The Dead 2. All three are on my favorites list. I’m also a big fan of the side-scrolling beat-em-up genre. Unfortunately, I was never able to play Sega’s Spider-Man: The Videogame. The situation was finally rectified. Odd choices in playable characters, and friendly fire aside, this is a great looking game.  The camera angles shift at times, and boss battles rule.

Two Nintendo units were set up. One playing Mario Kart 64, the other Super Smash Bros. I would even suggest management acquire two more units in there, since they’re hard to give up. Both are very addictive, especially with a crew by your side. I will say this place has affordable drinks, and a nice environment overall. It’s great to have an alternative place to game. Three other arcades are scheduled to open within the year. Long as they keep the lineup of classics varied and rotated, Old North can certainly reach the same level of success.

#OldNorthArcade @Playlegit

This didn’t turn out well.

Photos Taken By Sam Johns.

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