Expectations for Every E3

Real Talk By: KJ

I’ve watched these things for years. Some I have attended in-person, and viewed many on various computer screens. Some Presentations have had their highlights, but in-the-end, could use some work. Here are a few ideas to make this year and beyond a show to remember for all companies.

5. Focus on The Games


Keep your Movie/TV App/Vitality sensor plugs to a minimum. I understand this is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but what has been the highlight since it’s start? Oh yes, The Games. A key reason this event is still ongoing today. If it isn’t broken, don’t mess around.

4. Actual Gameplay Trailerssf5

Far too often we have been mislead. The Product presented to us at E3 is either slightly or largely different in terms of visuals, versus the street release. Killzone 2 is one example, and most recently Watch Dogs. These are a few of the games to take a huge dip. Basically keep it real, or you can keep it. The gaming audience has really matured. Take our time, (and wallets) more seriously. Thank you.

 3. Entertaining Presentations


Save the hard numbers for press releases and board room meetings. For those who want it, they can grab it easily off the web. Let’s hear from some energetic folks. People who can relate. If no one from your camp has the talent to do so, hire a comedian.  It will only help elevate your brand.

2. Bringing the show to the people


Best Buy has had E3 demos in their stores for the public to check out. It was done With Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 DLC was announced that day and guess what? It was available for download at the same time. This is a cool perk for people who tuned-in, and just an awesome surprise overall. More breaking news like this would be cool.

1. End Strong


End big. Far too often presentations end lukewarm. Closing out with a game the audience has been aware of for months, or nothing at all. How about a thought-provoking question? Maybe an ending video with the revival a long-forgotten IP. It would suck to see a Marvel movie, then leave unsatisfied by the ending. Movies/TV/Games are generally connected, in each we should expect the same joy. Finish strong people. Leave the audience satisfied, yet possibly wanting more in the process.

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