Primal Carnage Expands

This “Survival Update” is one giant hook-up. Coop Gameplay is here. Get 5 players in total and outlast waves of Dinosaurs. This includes the newest Acrocanthosaurus. Seasoned players know that these aren’t your typical dinos. They are equipped with special abilities. This means friends will have to formulate a gameplan for sure. Collect the points from each round completed. Similar to COD Zombies, get better weapons, and try your best to hold them back.

The long-awaited Acrocanthosaurus is the newest addition to the Tyrant class of Dinosaurs.  Though smaller and more thin-skinned than its Spino and Rex counterparts, the Acro’s speed, health-regenerating roar, and knockback-dealing stomp make it equally ferocious.” -Circle Five Studios

More weapons and custom skins in this free update as well. The team has even more planned for their game in the future (maps and modes). Come back this weekend as T42 will be streaming the latest mode for your enjoyment. Download now.

#PrimalCarnage @PlayLegit



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