The Coin-Op Question: Are You Getting Splatoon At Launch?

Real Talk By: KJ

I was able to get into the last Splatoon Stress test beta. I will say that it lives up to the hype. In different ways than expected. It is going to be hurting a tad, with its lack of voice chat. The option should be available at least to communicate with people who are established on your friends list. This is a game that needs it in my opinion. The mode featured in the hour-long test, is all about covering more of a map with ink, then the other team. So it would be great to devise a game plan with friends, especially when going up against tough competition.

The default gamepad controls, see the player moving to the pad to aim their shots. It felt weird at first, but I was able to adjust. Not sure if this was an end-all be-all control method, since you know, we only had an hour to play. I’ll need more time to deliver the verdict on that. The graphics look really good, Stages and characters alike. Aside from the hour of server downtime, when things Finally started, every single game was absolutely smooth. It seems like this will translate to the retail version of the game. It was announced that maps, playing with friends, and other necessities for multiplayer focused games won’t be available at launch. However, what is going to be here is addictive and unique gameplay. While I had a blast, im not sure if the overall launch content will justify a 60 dollar buy. This is why im talking to you friends. Weekly Question: Are you Getting Splatoon At Launch?

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One thought on “The Coin-Op Question: Are You Getting Splatoon At Launch?

  1. I’m going to rent it. I liked the demo, but I am not sure it will keep me hooked for that long due to the lack of modes and maps at launch. The weird decisions regarding matchmaking and voice chat bug me too.


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