To Whom it May Concern @Ubisoft

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is written with the utmost respect one could have, as well as a heavy heart. Years ago I fell in love with a franchise not many believed in, but I knew there was something special. This franchise is known as Assassins Creed, though the first game wasn’t exactly what I would consider a 10, but it possessed a unique style of play that would later grow to be one of my favorite. As the franchise grew so did my love for it, with each iteration improving and graphics story and gameplay. The characters in the story were developed with TLC the maps were immersive the multiplayer fresh you couldn’t ask for more.

Ezio was not only a character you came to know by watching him grow up, but you also got to see him grow old. Though revelations was not the strongest in the series, it put an end to a journey that made the game feel better than what it actually was. I believe that’s when the decline of the franchise began, perhaps due to it becoming an annual release. The stories in the games to follow not only felt rushed but also lacked the sense of connection. The game started as trying to make you feel like an assassin, but slowly progressed into turning you into a pirate of sorts. The mechanics of the game became more experimental, which is not a problem if approached as a spin-off, but the execution lacked logic. In what could be called greed Ubisoft decided to release on Assassin’s Creed every year.

AssassinsCUI love Assassin’s Creed as much as the next person, but getting an annual release will only result in what we have seen as of late. I have had discussions with friends about Ubisoft having enough franchises that there would be no need to do an annual release. One year they could release Assassin’s Creed followed by a Prince of Persia or a Splinter Cell. It seems that they have lost track of the Arsenal they own. Capcom took a route of milking us with DLC and now we get the pleasure of witnessing them slowly declining due to their money hunger, I would hate to see you suffer the same fate. The reason this is even being mentioned or written about is due to the lack of enthusiasm from many folks as well as myself after viewing the most recent trailer and gameplay demo of Assassin’s Creed. For a game that should give you the sense of being an assassin there’s a lot of big action sequences going on. Ubisoft allowed Splinter Cell to go from a spy game to a blockbuster styled shooter and that obviously hurt the franchise. As gaming itself gets bigger, publishers seem to suffer from a disconnect to what once made them great. Other developers rather follow other developers example by trying to create the next big game instead of taking a risk. Though there are some changes made to Assassins Creed from what I saw in the trailer, the rest seems copy and paste from the earlier generations. Publishers must not forget we work hard for our money and that if they want to take it they must earn it. Your company only last as long as you treat your customers with respect, history has proven this. So in closing to remember to put your efforts where it matters, don’t spend all of it on a fancy developer montage or some live action commercial spend it on creating a great game. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sincerely Concerned,



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