Certified Stamp of Approval: Helldivers

Real Talk By: Knowledge

What makes Helldivers legit? I’m glad you asked. While giving a modernized experience using the best of the PS4’s capabilities, it gives a nod to best throwback side scrolling shooters. Helldivers isn’t a side-scroller but the over the top limited view perspective is a breath of fresh air from all the first person shooter games out now. There is an added level of difficulty because everything you do can negatively affect your teammates. Need an ammo drop? Call it in! But make sure you and your teammates aren’t standing under it because it will kill them. “But what happens if they don’t move out-of-the-way in time!?” Well you can call in drop that gives them new life, but just like the Lion King there is a circle of life. Calling in a new life for them could mean you kill yourself or another teammate. It can be quite humorous if you’re playing with friends and also pretty annoying if you’re playing with people you don’t know. Either way it’s downright fun.


The enemies are fast and come in heavy waves as you play harder and harder missions. There are a surprising amount of weapons and accessories to customize your gameplay. There are multiple worlds to face a few different types of enemies that vary in size and strength. The “stratagems” or help that you can call in during a mission are awesome and add strategy and a fun aspect to the game. But what makes Helldivers legit? It was the first time in a long time that I played a video game that blended the perfect mixture of retro and modern gaming. Strategy and fun. Brought friends together and caused all of us to sit and laugh while we drop items on each other just for the fun of it while the others tried to kill enemies. So if you’re looking for a CHEAP (price-wise) game that you can play by yourself or with 3 other friends that will offer a fun and refreshing experience. Get your hands on Helldivers. Don’t have PS4? Go get one, and then buy Helldivers. You won’t regret it!

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