Ranttable: The Nintendo Theme Park Rides We Want

KJ here. So we know that Nintendo-Based attractions are going to be featured at Universal Theme parks in the future. What kind of rides should they have? Personally I would love a Star Fox themed adventure. You’ll be in the ship as explosions come on-screen in fine detail. Patrons would wear goggles. Perhaps this would used advanced tech seen on the 3DS.

J. Valdez: Bowser’s Castle of Enjoyment and fun times. I’d get on a ride with that name.

Vex: How about a Mario Kart Ride?

KJ: Mario Kart Live-Action Battle mode. You could receive harmless items to throw at people. Foam Red and Green Shells for safety. It would replicate a traditional bumper cart experience too. Slam into each other, throw real Bananas at your friends. Okay, that last idea could get a little messy.

J. Valdez: It could be like Mario kart and lazer tag, you pass a spot and it charges your gun, you can shoot someones car and slow them down for a few seconds. I know we have the technology to do this. People just need to carry it out.

T-42: I think a Mario themed giant maze in the form of Mario Worlds. Or a Ninja Warrior Course themed after a Mario stage. Lets see who can jump for a flag!


KJ: I think they should have a game room with the arcade versions of Mario Kart, Mario Bros, F-Zero, Pokken Tournament (should be out by the time this drops), Punch Out!!, Ext.

T-42: Or an actual Luigi’s Mansion.

KJ: That would be superb. Could you imagine an area like Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, but with LM themed ghosts and other elements?

T-42: A Kirby’s Costume Shop!

KJ: I could imagine the merchandise rivaling, or even besting Nintendo World in New York City.

Vex: Turn Space Mountain into a Mario Galaxy ride.

KJ: A stable of Disney theme parks. Players would be certainly taken on a journey. What attractions would you want from Nintendo and Universal? Let’s hear from you friends.

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