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The Coin-Op Question: Which Marvel Games Are Your Favorites?

Real Talk By: KJ

The Avengers assembled, rocking box office records again. Pinfall FX received an Age of Ultron themed table and F2P Action RPG “Future Fight” just hit Mobile devices. We still remember the Data East beat em up featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as well. War of the Gems pit an assortment of Marvel protagonists against Thanos and others. Maximum Carnage/Separation Anxiety were fun console Spider-Man titles. Venom was player two in SA. You beat up street thugs and symbiotic based villains. How about Spider-Man 2? Still held in high regard (far as movie tie-ins go). For me ultimately, it would have to be any capcom fighter featuring these characters. I still fondly remember dropping Quarters in the machine at Franco’s Pizza, playing X-Men: Children of The Atom. The awesomely animated sprites, and exciting roster added to the polished gameplay. The World of Marvel video games has had its downs, and major ups. Let’s pick the best ones ever. Weekly Question: Which Marvel Games Are Your Favorites? No limits!

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