GTA V PC Real Talk

Real Talk By: T42

What is going on fam? This is T-42 with some real talk on Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. Just to be clear, I have not played GTA V on any other platform so my PC experience is the first time with the game.

GTA V for the PC was probably one of the most hyped games to come out on the PC for the last year and a half, ever since it came out on the consoles. Being a dominate PC gamer I decided to wait it out and see if GTA V would actually make a PC appearance. I have to say, the wait was worth it, this game is absolutely amazing. The map is very large and the dynamic nature of the NPCs is fun to sit back and just watch! With the support of PC graphics cards I am able to push the quality of this game to its max and it looks and plays so smooth at its highest settings. The other nice feature of the PC version (and the PS4 and XBONE versions) is the first person mode. I play most of the time in the mode and it really changes how you view the GTA world, literally and figuratively.


One of the other nice features of this game is the nature. This is a living game with animals all over the place. I was even doing some boating in the game and came across some Killer Whales. I got out of my boat and swam around with them, it took me completely by surprise. Sadly this feature is not in the online version of the game, but it would be nice to see it added in later. Speaking of online, the online modes for this game are tons of fun. Everything from races to Heists to simple free for all matches, this game offers so much!

Some users have come across issues with the game with graphics or lag or online issues. I have not seen any issues with the game other than a few initial crashes do to user error. However Rockstars quick response to the issues has been fantastic and all of my friends seem to be running smooth once again. If you haven’t played GTA V yet or have yet to try any of the current-gen versions, I highly recommend either renting a copy or trying it on a friend’s computer who has a copy.

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