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It’s a trend that seems to be growing. The corporate suits just aren’t providing demos to the consumer. You know, but they will allow us to pre-order season passes even before a game is out. So that’s cool.  What ever your favorite modern console is, the issue remains the same. Nintendo especially needs to wake up. The EShop is almost barren of demos. Obviously having these previews available for people, certainly can help or hurt sales (more Splatoon please). Are they convinced that impulse purchasing is more effective than really letting someone get a taste? It’s like they’re letting Twitch TV or similar services speak for the game. Maybe for some people this will do just fine. In my opinion, there is nothing like experiencing a for myself. That’s why i’m happy that Video Game rental stores are still around my neighborhood. Of course there is always Gamefly, and Redbox. Maybe it’s the old school gamer inside of me talking. This is why we want to hear from you. Weekly Question: Should Games Always Provide A Demo?

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batman2Question posed by KJ and T42


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